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Bridal Service

With over 50 years of experience, our team of bridal gown specialists have you and your needs at the center of their attention. We are at your service for all your bridal gown needs.

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Expert Tailoring & Fittings

Our professional seamstresses not only understand the design, workmanship, detail and flow that the designer intended, but they are artists in creating the bustle, handling the fine fabrics and trim and dealing with the other details unique to your bridal gown. 

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Delicate Couture Cleaning

Our specialists have the equivalent of a Ph.D. in stain removal and textile care. There is no gown that we cannot bring back to life. Whether it's a little stain, or you've spilt wine, grass and grease - put us to the test. Your gown will be finished beautifully for you big day, and after - when you're ready to store it.

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Museum Quality Preservation

Look to us for guidance about how to clean, restore or repair your treasured family heirlooms, vintage and antique garments and other important family textiles. Our family has been trained and certified as a Restoration Specialist by both IRCC and NCA, and can preserve your pieces for generations to come.

For 50 years,  the King has been servicing the 'Queen and her Bridesmaids'

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From Vera Wang, to Carolina Herrera - to even the Real Housewives of New York City, we have been honored with the responsibility of cleaning, altering and preserving many brides' most cherished garment. 

At King, we understand not only all the things that the designer did to make it so special, we also understand all the emotional connections that make it mean so much to you. Our exclusive bridal concierge program was designed to meet all your bridal gown needs - before and after your wedding. Your gown will receive more tender loving care from us than even you could give it.

Our meticulous and brilliant team of seamstresses specialize in beadwork, the correct fit and making sure you gown fits you perfectly for all parts of your wedding. 

Our committed cleaning and finishing team will ensure your dress and those of your bridesmaids are perfectly cleaned and wrinkle-free when you walk down the aisle. We're also here to bring your gown back to new condition if the wine, grass, make-up or anything else get the best of it while you're having the time of your life.

We always, too, recommend preserving your gown in our Museum Quality Restoration boxes for generations to come. Why else would the Metropolitan Museum of Art trust anyone else's way of preserving gowns and fine heirlooms?

King is at your service, only a phone call, quick Uber, or email away. 

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Free Pick-up and Delivery

Why worry about bringing your gown to us when we can conveniently come to you. Let our responsible drivers make your life just a little easier.


Worldwide Shipping

Getting to your wedding with all your guests is tough enough. We can send your gown directly to your venue, or arrange for it be sent directly to us. Why carry it on the plane or stuff it into a car when we can handle those logistics for you - worry free.

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Emergency Service

Mistakes happen! Last minute snag or stain - we are your fashion 911. We've opened in the middle of the night for brides, met them at the airport, had our specialists on-hand and done more than you can imagine. It's your perfect day, and we're here to make sure it stays that way.