Before the big day.

Your wedding gown... The dress of your dreams... Is not just another garment, and we know it.

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At King Garment Care, we understand not only all the things that the designer did to make it so special, we also understand all the emotional connections that make it mean so much to you! Our exclusive bridal concierge program was designed to meet ALL your bridal gown needs -- before and after your wedding your gown will receive more tender loving care from us than even you’d give it!


It's not the perfect dress is it's not the perfect fit.

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This is YOUR dress, and it needs to fit you like the proverbial glove, which is where our highly trained and qualified tailoring staff will provide the answer to your pre-wedding prayers. Of the fourteen tailors we have on staff are superb craftsmen and women,  four of them are designated by us as couture bridal gown certified. These professionals not only understand the design, workmanship, detail and flow that the designer intended, but they are artists in creating the bustle, handling the fine fabrics and trim and dealing with the other details unique to bridal gowns. More importantly though, they understand how the dress has to fit in order to accommodate all the bending, hugging, jumping, sitting, turning and twisting you’ll be doing on your wedding day.

This is not your day to be a wallflower, this is your day to shine, and your dress must move and shine with you. Of course, your dress will be hand pressed and wrinkle free, prior to pick up or delivery, so that it looks flawless on your big day.

Some tips before the wedding

Be prepared

Be sure your Maid of Honor or attendant is properly trained and competent to help you with tying your bustle and handling your train. Of course, if you trust us with your alterations, we’ll not only see to it that your friends know exactly what to do, we’ll furnish them with a cheat sheet, just in case they get nervous on your big day!

Allow yourself and our artists enough time to do justice to your gown.

Schedule your first fitting at least 6 weeks before your wedding. You might need 2-3 fittings (1-2 for major alterations and one for fine tuning of the dress, bustle and other details). It is also critically important to have selected your bridal shoes and undergarments (especially your bra) prior to your first fitting, and be sure to bring them with you for each and every fitting The only way to guarantee a perfect, couture quality fit is if all conditions are identical to those you plan on for your BIG DAY.

Out of town guests? Bridal party coming in from far flung places?

Let us help them look runway ready too, with a minimum of fuss and bother. They can take advantage of our King By Mail program, and simply ship their wedding clothes (shoes and purses too) into us in advance of the date (and if they mention your name they’ll receive 10% off as our courtesy to you!). We will clean and press or simply press, and deliver their garments to them at their hotel. They can also call on us for same day cleaning and pressing IF they get their clothes to us Monday – Friday and before 9 AM.

After your perfect wedding.

Have the dress cleaned as quickly as possible after the wedding.

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The longer stains (and yes, there will be stains, you’ve just had a wonderful time at the best party of your life!) go untreated the more difficult they will be to remove completely. Safeguard the delicate shoulder straps and seams by using the loops inside the gown that are connected to the sturdier side seams when you hang it. This will prevent the shoulders from stretching or sagging.

DO NOT store your wedding gown in plastic garment bags or plastic wrapped boxes.Plastic emits fumes that can yellow your bridal gown, will trap moisture that can cause mildew and inhibits airflow. To protect it from airborne dust and pollutants use a muslin garment bag.

Gown Restoration

Bring those priceless pieces back to life


Vintage, antique and heirloom gowns have very special needs and cleaning protocols that must be followed if the garment or decorative piece is to be processed safely. Turn to us for help and guidance in decisions about how to clean, restore or repair your treasured family heirlooms, vintage and antique garments and other important family textiles. Our family has been trained and certified as a Restoration Specialist by both IRCC and NCA, two nationally recognized professional organizations. King Garment Care not only understand the precious memories it holds for you, we understand the special techniques that must be employed to clean and restore them safely. (Victoria handles every piece, personally. If that's not love, then what is?)