Couture Cleaning

100% Love and Care. Our family of specialists each have the equivalency of a Ph.D. in stain removal. We use a wide-spectrum of delicate and effective cleaning processes to ensure your favorite pieces stay beautiful and impressive. While most cleaners offer a one size fits all process, we employ five different cleaning technologies and do more hand-work than you could imagine. (It’s old fashioned, but it works very well) At King, perfection is a prerequisite. 

Fine Dress Shirt Care

The foundation to any great outfit. Other cleaners return your shirts missing buttons, still wrinkled, and barely cleaned. Our clients love the way we do their shirts. We can process them two different ways for you. Either way, there are about half a dozen people who will inspect, and inspect, and inspect, and inspect, and inspect your shirt before it is packaged beautifully.

'Standard Shirt Care' involves cleaning in our professional wet cleaning systems and finishing on the finest tensioning steam equipment. This service is reserved for your everyday shirts. There are no cutting corners. Only the goal of you looking your best, everyday.

Our 'Hand Finished' shirts are done ALL by hand. Yes, they're pre-spotted and inspected for stains, cleaned in the most appropriate technology, and all finished by hand by only our best presser. This 'Hand Finished' service is reserved for you favorite shirts, custom shirts, and those special shirts you would like to last forever. Under our care - they pretty much do...

Leather & Suede

Pigmented, Aniline, Naked, oh my! Much like skin, each leather or suede piece is different. Each skin and hide has it's own attributes, and reacts differently to dyes, tanning and other color applications. The cleaning and conditioning of your costly leather and suedes requires innovative and hand-delicate processes to ensure it is cleaned properly. We carefully inspect, test, and remove all stains from both skins and linings of your garment by hand, and with our state-of-the-art equipment. Your finest pieces will return to you like new!

Need repair or updating a style? Our team of tailors are at your service, right in our boutique.

Fur &  Cold Storage

One of the benefits to being a New Yorker is the change of seasons we get to enjoy and the change in wardrobe those temperature swings entitle us to. While you might be hard pressed to justify having a fur coat or two if Palm Beach was your home town, as a New Yorker a fur coat can easily be considered a winter essential for style, warmth and quality of life! And let’s face it – a properly cared for fur will last you years and years.


Not only can we beautifully clean, restore essential oils and luster, and alter/repair them for you - we can also store them over the warmer months and free of up some closest space for you. Plus, storing them in our refrigerated and climate controlled vault ensures they don't dry out and their longevity. It’s an investment!

Evening Wear

Wedding. Parties. Proms. Galas. Dinner Dances. Inaugural balls. All good reasons to spiff ourselves up and don our favorite evening pieces.

For the ladies, that means gowns and cocktail dresses. For the gentlemen, the dress code calls for tuxedoes and dinner jackets. I’m not sure what it is about dressing up for these events, but it makes each and every one of us look and feel like someone special, and isn’t that a wonderful feeling. Cleaning and preserving your evening wear so that you always experience that inexpressible 'joie de vivre' whenever you put it on, is where King Garment Care distinguishes itself from all the rest. We'll hand clean and finish your evening wear to ensure you're looking breathtaking for your special occasion.


Bring those priceless pieces back to life

Vintage, antique and heirloom items have very special needs and cleaning protocols that must be followed if the garment or decorative piece is to be processed safely. Turn to us for help and guidance in decisions about how to clean, restore or repair your treasured family heirlooms, vintage and antique garments and other important family textiles. Our family has been trained and certified as a Restoration Specialist by both IRCC and NCA, two nationally recognized professional organizations. King Garment Care not only understand the precious memories it holds for you, we understand the special techniques that must be employed to clean and restore them safely. (Victoria handles every piece, personally. If that's not love, then what is?)

Hypoallergenic Wash & Fold

Better than when Mom did yours

Of course, we use only detergents, surfactants and conditioners that are free of dyes and perfumes. These hypoallergenic laundry products are a little more expensive than the typical retail offerings, but the rinse out best, and provide the most effective, gentle cleaning possible. And knowing you wear many of these items right next to your skin, isn’t that what you want? Treat yourself to a very affordable luxury and give yourself the luxury of using the time to indulge yourself in some way, shape or form. You deserve it.

Pet Garment Care

We love our pets, and when the temperatures drop or the rain and snow fall, we always make sure that they are dressed for the weather. 

If you treat your pets the same way, let us maintain their Sunday best for you with our compliments. No charge. Period. We have some delicious treats here at the boutique for them when they come to drop off, too!

This is Richard's dog, Henry.


Bed Linens, Sheets & Shams

We understand that you’ve invested in fine bedding and linens because you know that these things have an impact on the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night, which in turn determines how you will feel and perform the next day. King Garment Care knows that our responsibility is not to just give you clean bedding, but to do our part to ensure that your linens maintain their ‘like new’ feel, look and scent, so you get a good night’s rest in your own beautiful and relaxing surroundings.


DSC_0015 (1).jpg

Draperies are made from what professionals in the field refer to as decorative fabrics. Unlike fabrics traditionally used in garments, decorative fabrics are often surface or pigment dyed or silk screened. This means a professional dry cleaner needs to be aware of the proper processing and finishing methods required to preserve the color vibrancy, texture and drape of the fabric. At King Garment Care we’ve undergone extensive training and study of fine decorative fabrics and the safest cleaning processes are always employed based on the fabric and the environmental exposures. We'll even take them down and re-hang them for you.


We recommend that you have your draperies professionally cleaned every year (if you keep your windows open) or every other year if you live in a sealed unit. Professional cleaning will remove cooking fumes, particulate and other airborne contaminants that can shorten the life of your fine draperies. 

Table Linens

From the oil in salad dressing to the sugar and cream in desserts and coffee, not to mention the red wine sipped throughout the meal or your grandmother’s prized gravy recipe, the entire experience is fraught with perils. 

When it comes to caring for your fine table linens, we are expert in identifying and testing to determine what caused the stain, and then match it with the proper treatment to remove them one by one – before processing the complete piece.

At King, we understand that treating a grease stain with water or subjecting it to heat, will set the stain and make it almost impossible to remove completely.  You should know that principle applies to virtually every stain created during a meal, which is why stain identification and pre-treatment are always the 'order of the day' in our house.

DSC_0247 (1).jpg


Do your rugs look walked all over?

King knows just how dirty and smelt our clients' decorative pieces can get, and also when they're beautifully clean, how they make the whole room really come together. Every rug is carefully examined by our team to determine the best method of care. After cleaning, the rug is dried in a specially designed humidity and temperature controlled area. Your rug is inspected through every step of the process and when our team deems it 'fit for a King', is it ready for pick-up or delivery.

Bed Bugs & Pests

Sleep tight, Don't let the...

With the recent explosion of the bed bug epidemic around the United States, residents and businesses have been ‘left in the dark’ about how to care for their garments in the event of a bed bug infestation. King answers this issue.

Our knowledge and experience has led us to the development of exclusive isolation protocols; strict attention to encapsulation in handling; scrupulous adherence to temperature, cycle times and cleaning products. In fact, we have a whole host of measures to ensure the Bed Bugs (cimex lectularius) that is plaguing your daily life are not only all dead, but that your possessions are safe from re-infestation when in our control and custody. It is exacting work that requires precision and respect, and we are proud to say we have put together the foremost team in the nation to deal with this problem. Orders can be picked-up in any of the five boroughs and delivered safely upon clients request once processing has been completed. The entire processing time could vary based on the volume of the work, as each piece needs to be handled individually, but orders have been expedited in the past as clients request it. 

Feel free to contact Richard, our Bed Bug and Pest expert, at or 646.552.0813 for more information and pricing.

Fire, Water, & Smoke Damage

When the natural elements get out of control, disaster follows, and the actions you take immediately following can determine how well your possessions survive the experience. The primary things you should keep in mind when Mother Nature and her elements wreak havoc on your home or business is to take photos and place a call to your insurance agent/company. This is necessary in case you have to file a claim for professional services to deal with the damage or replacement of items beyond salvage. 

Our headquarters and team is ready to help you during this traumatic time. Not only are we immensely successful in restoring your possessions back to the way you remember them; but we work very closely with our clients and their insurance company in providing all the information they need to fully complete their claim. Trust our family and let us worry, so you and yours don't have to.

bed linens.jpg

Before the big day.

Your wedding gown... The dress of your dreams... Is not just another garment, and we know it.

Vanessa Before.png

At King Garment Care, we understand not only all the things that the designer did to make it so special, we also understand all the emotional connections that make it mean so much to you! Our exclusive bridal concierge program was designed to meet ALL your bridal gown needs -- before and after your wedding your gown will receive more tender loving care from us than even you’d give it!


It's not the perfect dress is it's not the perfect fit.

Vanessa Walk.png

This is YOUR dress, and it needs to fit you like the proverbial glove, which is where our highly trained and qualified tailoring staff will provide the answer to your pre-wedding prayers. Every one of the fourteen tailors we have on staff are superb craftsmen and women, but only four of them are designated by us as couture bridal gown certified. These professionals not only understand the design, workmanship, detail and flow that the designer intended, but they are artists in creating the bustle, handling the fine fabrics and trim and dealing with the other details unique to bridal gowns. More importantly though, they understand how the dress has to fit in order to accommodate all the bending, hugging, jumping, sitting, turning and twisting you’ll be doing on your wedding day.

This is not your day to be a wallflower, this is your day to shine, and your dress must move and shine with you. Of course, your dress will be hand pressed and wrinkle free, prior to pick up or delivery, so that it looks flawless on your big day.


Some tips before the wedding

1. Be prepared

Be sure your Maid of Honor or attendant is properly trained and competent to help you with tying your bustle and handling your train. Of course, if you trust us with your alterations, we’ll not only see to it that your friends know exactly what to do, we’ll furnish them with a cheat sheet, just in case they get nervous on your big day!

2. Allow yourself and our artists enough time to do justice to your gown.

Vanessa and Joanna.png

Schedule your first fitting at least 6 weeks before your wedding. You might need 2-3 fittings (1-2 for major alterations and one for fine tuning of the dress, bustle and other details). We will ask you to stand, sit, walk, simulate hugging, bending over and raising your arms to make sure you will be able to move with comfort and grace throughout the day. You also want to try and keep your weight stable from this point on, though we’ll adjust during each fitting to make sure you have a perfect fit. It is also critically important to have selected your bridal shoes and undergarments (especially your bra) prior to your first fitting, and be sure to bring them with you for each and every fitting The only way to guarantee a perfect, couture quality fit is if all conditions are identical to those you plan on for your BIG DAY.

3. Out of town guests? Bridal party coming in from far flung places?

Let us help them look runway ready too, with a minimum of fuss and bother. They can take advantage of our King By Mail program, and simply ship their wedding clothes (shoes and purses too) into us in advance of the date (and if they mention your name they’ll receive 10% off as our courtesy to you!). We will clean and press or simply press, and deliver their garments to them at their hotel. They can also call on us for same day cleaning and pressing IF they get their clothes to us Monday – Friday and before 9 AM.


After your perfect wedding.

Have the dress cleaned as quickly as possible after the wedding.

DSC01410 (1).jpg

The longer stains (and yes, there will be stains, you’ve just had a wonderful time at the best party of your life!) go untreated the more difficult they will be to remove completely. Safeguard the delicate shoulder straps and seams by using the loops inside the gown that are connected to the sturdier side seams when you hang it. This will prevent the shoulders from stretching or sagging.


DO NOT store your wedding gown in plastic garment bags or plastic wrapped boxes.Plastic emits fumes that can yellow your bridal gown, will trap moisture that can cause mildew and inhibits airflow. To protect it from airborne dust and pollutants use a muslin garment bag.

Gown Restoration

Bring those priceless pieces back to life


Vintage, antique and heirloom gowns have very special needs and cleaning protocols that must be followed if the garment or decorative piece is to be processed safely. Turn to us for help and guidance in decisions about how to clean, restore or repair your treasured family heirlooms, vintage and antique garments and other important family textiles. Our family has been trained and certified as a Restoration Specialist by both IRCC and NCA, two nationally recognized professional organizations. King Garment Care not only understand the precious memories it holds for you, we understand the special techniques that must be employed to clean and restore them safely. (Victoria handles every piece, personally. If that's not love, then what is?)


Click on the image Below to learn about our Corporate & Retail Services

Couture Cleaning

100% Garment Love and Care. Our family of garment care specialists each have the equivalency of a Ph.D. in stain removal. We know that each garment is not created equal, and use a wide-spectrum of cleaning processes to ensure the most delicate and effective cleaning.  Perfection is a prerequisite of your brand, and it should be ours, too. Whether it's an imperfection from an item that's just arrived, or a stain from a client trying on that beautiful piece - we have the expertise and tools available to make your piece new.

Tailoring & Repair

We are not your typical tailoring shop. A garment that fits perfectly makes us look our best - slimmer, taller, straiter! There's a reason that clothing designers alter their clothes to the model that will be wearing them on the runway and that's because they know the greatest garment on the most beautiful person only looks great, when the fit is perfect. Unfortunately, few of us are shaped perfectly to the dimension those same clothing designers use when they size a garment. Our team of fourteen (yes, fourteen) professional tailors and seamstresses are the answer to your clients'  problem. Coming from some of the finest fashion houses in the world, we know how to preserve the details of your designers pieces, and make your clients proud to wear them.

Emergency Service

We are your Fashion 911. Client needs a piece for an event tonight? A garment has a stain, or it just doesn't fit they way it should… While our boutique might be closed at the time of this emergency, we are available 24/7 and will do anything under the sun, to turn that worry into a confident and fabulous outfit. You can call Richard at 646.552.0813 or email him at

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