Once upon a time...

Once upon time in a small town - Colts Neck, NJ - a young man named Joseph Aviles bought into a dry-cleaning franchise named Betty Brite. He was fresh out of the Marines and knew only how to complete a job as meticulously and thorough as possible. He was a man who took pride in his work and found a pleasure in producing a quality garment for his clients. From his delicate touch of removing ‘impossible’ stains to the altering, cleaning and restoration of a wedding dress for a bride-to-be, Joseph saw that his customers really valued the service he provide to the local community. 

Victoria, a young Colombian woman had just been accepted to Princeton University. She was eager to attend but unfortunately did not have the appropriate funds to matriculate. In an effort save a few dollars, she applied for a job at Betty Brite. At first look, Joseph told her she was too short and couldn’t extend the job to her being that she couldn’t even reach the rails where the garments were hung! Just then, she JUMPED up, held onto the rail and protested that she could do any job he gave her. She was determined to get the job and wasn’t leaving without it. She left that day with a job. She was the new sweeper and cleaning lady for the store. 

As time went on, Victoria and Joseph fell in Love. They worked increasingly close together and Joseph thought it would be a great idea to teach all he knew to Victoria. His secret was no secret. ‘Garment Care 101, the only way to be successful in this business is to provide the utmost care and quality for every garment while catering to the customer, hand and foot.’ Victoria, naturally ambitious and motivated, took an interest in the service and saw a great desire for quality work. 


It was apparent to her that the customer shouldn’t settle for less or leave the store unsatisfied. Victoria and Joseph realized that their efforts were being wasted and they should being spoiling the people who really take pride in what they wear and know good quality. New Yorkers!

Today, Victoria, her son Richard, (and the most passionate team of garment care specialists) continue caring for each garment like Joseph used to all those years ago. Love for what we do, coupled with an award-winning eco-friendly production facility and a fourteen expert tailors - our family cares for your garments, making certain that everyone of your beloved pieces, from 'toes to nose' is Fit for Royalty.

(Here's a little photo gallery of some old pictures we found of Joseph, Victoria and Richard)