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Bed Linens, Sheets & Shams

We understand that you’ve invested in fine bedding and linens because you know that these things have
an impact on the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night. Keeping them beautifully clean, wrinkle and scent-free is so important to us.

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Pillow Service

Many don't realize the importance of resting your head on a clean, hygienic pillow each night.  We can help make sure you get a healthy nights sleep.

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Curtains & Draperies

To preserve the color vibrancy, texture and drape of the fabric, professional and delicate cleaning

will remove cooking fumes, particulate and other airborne contaminants that can shorten the life of your fine draperies.

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Smoke, Water, & Mold.

When the natural elements get out of control, disaster follows, and the actions you take immediately

following can determine how well your possessions survive the experience. Trust our family and let us worry, so you and yours don't have to.

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Carpets & Rugs

Do your rugs look walked all over? Pet stains? We're here to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Table Linens

You sleep and wear fine linens. Don't be afraid to eat off of them too. Any food or wine stain is no match for our team.

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Bed Bugs & Pest

With the recent explosion of the bed bug epidemic around the United States, residents and businesses

have been ‘left in the dark’ about how to care for their garments in the event of a bed bug infestation. King answers this issue.

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Emergency Service

Mistakes happen! We are your Home Linen 911. Company coming over for dinner? Did you pet do something they shouldn't have before your guests arrive? We've seen it all, and we're at your service.

In the case of an emergency, feel free to contact Richard at 646.552.0813 or email him at richard@kinggarmentcare.com