Retail Boutique & Corporate Services

Every business and brand is different and has different needs.

Couture Cleaning

Detailed inspection coupled with delicate and responsible cleaning of each garment - all done with love and at the highest of standards. 

Tailoring & Repair

Our team of fifteen (yes, fifteen) professional tailors and seamstresses are the answer to your clients'  problem. Coming from some of the finest fashion houses in the world, we know how to preserve the details of your designers pieces, and make your clients proud to wear them.

Emergency Service

We are your Fashion 911. Client needs a piece for an event tonight? A garment has a stain, or it just doesn't fit they way it should… While our boutique might be closed at the time of this emergency, we are available 24/7 and will do anything under the sun, to turn that worry into a confident and fabulous outfit. 


You can call Richard at 646.552.0813 or email him at